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Thread: tip: bypassing catching downloads in internet explorer

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    Default tip: bypassing catching downloads in internet explorer

    in internet explorer you can prevent downloadstudio catching your clicks by holding the shift key down when you click.

    i thought this was sometimes not working but it was coz you have to hold the shift key down not just when you click the mouse button on the download link, but keep holding it down until internet explorer has brought up its download dialog.

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    If you are using Internet Explorer and DownloadStudio catches a link that you decide you actually want to download using Internet Explorer, you can now just cancel the download dialog in DownloadStudio and it will revert back to Internet Explorer to download.

    This is a new feature introduced in version 5.0.2. It also works in Firefox, Netscape and Flock browsers.

    If you do not want to use this feature it can be disabled. In the DownloadStudio options dialog go to the Web browser integration section. Uncheck 'Let web browser download the file when clicking Cancel in the Add Job dialog'.
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