I'm relatively new to Mezzmo and the DLNA world. It's awesome and I have loved using my digital library on my TV.

I just bought a new Sharp C8470U and I am having some trouble getting the TV to play my MKV files. My previous Sharp recognized and played them just fine, but this one is showing "Can't play this file type" error on the TV. Even with that error, Mezzmo is starting to transcode the file, but it's saying that the transcoding is too slow. I tried changing the device profile around to the different Sharp profiles. Oddly, when I first started Mezzmo with the new tv, Mezzmo assigned it a generic device profile. When I switched it to "Sharp Aquos (2011 model), it played one of my MKV files, but non of the others. I tried uninstalling Mezzmo and reinstalling it. This time it recognized the TV with the Sharp profile, but non of the MKV files are playing. I didn't have this problem on my previous Sharp. Mezzmo worked perfectly transcribing the files and playing them.

Any suggestions?

Huge thanks,