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Thread: How do i get only subfolders?

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    Default How do i get only subfolders?

    The reason:

    I want all the *.g3x and the *.rfx from this one site:

    Site Name:

    I haven't found a way to do this successfully, and I don't have enough knowledge
    of this software to know how to QUEUE URLS with

    since all the files and URL's to these files all that the above

    Example Starting URL:

    The Problem is that the QUEUE goes to all the other URLs on the pages and
    they form endless loops so the QUEUE quickly fills to 200,000 and then it crashes...

    So is there a way to only add to the QUEUE URLS that start with?:

    If not, can you post how you would configure the properties for this job.

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    When downloading a web site DownloadStudio has the option to only get files located in the folder and subfolder that the originating URL is located. This can be set in the "Span Across" setting on the download dialog.

    The ideal setting for this job is to traverse to a link depth of around 5. In the options dialog you can set up custom file type lists to download just the extensions you require (*.g3x;*.rfx).

    However it appears DownloadStudio is having some issues downloading and parsing the links for the site. Our developers are looking more closely at this at the moment. With some luck we may be able to fix the issue in time to make the DownloadStudio 6.0.4 release we are planning in the next week.
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    Default Thank you for your prompt reply

    Because of the bandwidth used to locate these two files, the site has banned me because searching in an endless loop or the common links on each page over and over...

    The sad part is the files are less than 5 gig's and the site makes us download in endless loops to avoid bandwidth... but the endless loops and they ban Ip's makes us have to do it over an over, the end result is a waste of their bandwidth and our time. I appreciate your reply, and truly love your product as it works perfectly when used for it intended use. Thank you for considering my custom use in your future updates.

    Please reply to this thread, or message me when that update has been released, I would also like
    to get involved in beta testing if that is an option.

    Special Thanks.

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    Now, the webmaster is Blocking my IP... is there a way that I can bypass their crap... these are public files
    they just don't want me to get the files without me clicking on each and every file... and they are
    very smalls files... they are just not very business smart, because I will tell people what a
    pain they are and not to buy there products because they limit the extra files... making a full install
    of their product a real pain.

    I have spent 477.00 for their products... and I will return all of it as I have enough
    of them implying what you get when you buy the products... but don't mention
    that they have no respect for their customers after they have received their funds...

    That is why I have tried to download their swap files before the shipment of their
    products arrive.... I am not happy with to say the least.

    -------------------------------- Edit ----------------------------

    Thank you everyone for the solutions, I really appreciate the
    Private Messages and Emails.

    The best tip for me was NOT to download immediately when your
    scanning for URL to the files, as this site blocked the scan if you
    are currently downloading.

    I love this product, and will promote it on my blogs and
    forums, Youtube etc..

    I consider this a tool for the disabled...
    and I feel is is a shame that this company has blocked the disabled...
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    You may have been blocked by the knifeedge server due to the large number of connections a site job will try and make to a web site. Every web server have different policies on the number of concurrent connections from an IP address and also the number of requests that the site will allow from the one computer. Normally they will just block you for a short period.

    If you are still blocked from accessing the site, try using an anonymous proxy service, such as This will allow you to still get to the web site in your web browser.

    Unfortunately we don't have an update for DownloadStudio yet. We are still hoping to be able to make some changes to enable you to download from this site in the upcoming version.

    I will keep you posted, and if we have a beta available before release I will let you know.
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