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    I have been looking so long for a Media Server app that did all the things I wanted and worked reliably. Mezzmo seems like the ticket based on my early evaluation but I have run into an issue. When I create a Smart Playlist on my music library, I want it sorted by create date, I get music in an order that is different than every file browser, media server and music app I own than can sort on create date. I see two separate cases. Case 1 is where the Modified date is used as the Create Date. Case 2 is that Mezzmo is simply plugging in January 1st of the year of the ID3 tag year so I have a bunch of files with DayofWeek, January 01, XXXX 12:00:00 AM. In both cases, I get all kinds of weird sorting. I like having a "Create Date"-based playlist as I tend to listen to music I've newly acquired more often than older stuff. Is there something I can do to fix this? If I knew how Mezzmo was pulling the Create Date, I do not mind altering the music files (OS Timestamp or ID3 Tag) to accomodate but given that the OS Create Date is correct, it cannot be looking at it. Also with it not always mirroring the Modified Date, I'm not sure what it is doing. Any help would be appreciated.

    Case 1:
    1-4-2013 5-13-04 PM.jpg

    Case 2:
    1-4-2013 5-57-55 PM.jpg
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    While it would be great to understand why Mezzmo treats my MP3 file create dates the way it does, I was able to work around the issue somewhat by creating a linked playlist. It is an extra step in that I will have to keep the m3u updated but I don't buy music often enough for that to be a real inconvenience. Hopefully someone will have an answer for me so that I can take advantage of proper automatic sorting from the smart playlist.

    Also...I am just amazed at how well this product performs and didn't even bother waiting the 15-days to buy. The folks at Conceiva have done a fine job. I guess I can uninstall Plex and PS3 Media Server which I had been running side by side to get everything I wanted.

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    Glad you are enjoying Mezzmo

    Can you email the two music files from your screenshots to us? We'll take a look and see if we can improve things. Zip up the two music files and email them to us at support [at] conceiva [dot] com.

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