Just downloaded Mezzmo v1.1.2.0, and installed it on my Vista system. Still playing w/ getting my PS3 to see it regularly, but I hope to figure that out in a bit.

The issue I am having is on the left hand side (Library) I will click one of the playlists (All Files By Type) (still trying to figure out how to set mine up), and files show in the right hand pane. If I click in the right hand pane, then hover over one of the files for a bit, I get a popup that says "The parameter is incorrect.". I click the OK button and the message goes away.
If I hover over another file (or the same one) the popup shows up. If I hover in the "white space" the popup never shows up.

Now if I double click a file it opens in the Instant Viewer (I set it this way).
If I single click a file the popup does not happen, until I hover over white space and then over a file again.

This is just kind of annoying, and figured I'd let you guys know.