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Thread: more detailed installation options

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    Default more detailed installation options

    What nags me a bit about Mezzmo is that it puts everything (database, transcoded files) into the APPDATA/Local Folder of the running User.
    This means, it usually floods drive C: with a lot of stuff, a newbie of Mezzmo is not aware of at the beginning.

    Of course, you can later on do some rather complicated changes and move database and transcoding area to a "safer place".

    Mezzmo is a server program and therefor should not use up ANY Dataspace in Userland.

    Also, the assumption that the transcoding area can take up 120Gb (default) is simply WRONG! Check out drive space or drive capabilites during setup! Today it's rather common already that the system is installed on a rather small (but fast) SSD, with LESS THAN 120Gb size. The poor admin runs out of diskspace fast enough before he is aquainted enough to Mezzmo to move the folders by hand (and if you ever tried to "work" on a system with full system disk, you begin to hate programmers who filled it up without asking you for permission).

    So what I like to see is a dialog during installation that asks about the locations for files and database and checks up available disk space too.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. We agree with you. We'll add that as an install setting and Options dialog setting.

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