Hey guys,

Firstly may i say thank you for a great product, for the most part is faultless and runs seamlessly when compared to others out there. has solved all of my home media issues.

I however have but one question, im unsure if this has been asked before, i had a quick search but couldn't find so.

My problem is when on my Samsung smart tv, Model UA55ES7100M.
When i navigate to the "folders" folder i can see my hard drives on local pc's on the network, i can also browse these drives all the way to folder level however, if i try to enter these folders to get to the movie files i get the error of "Request cannot be completed. MEDIA PLAY will return to the previous screen"

Now i thought that this may be a permissions problem, so i tested the same folders on my WDTV live on another tv, and this was able to view, browse and play from these folders.

Hopefully it is a simple fix and if it has been answered before i do appologise.

Thanks again for a great product.