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Thread: YouTube patch update DownloadStudio 7.0 users

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    Default YouTube patch update DownloadStudio 7.0 users

    Once again there have been some changes over at YouTube. If you download YouTube directly in DownloadStudio please update your software using the following process.

    1. Download a new DownloadStudio executable:

    2. Exit DownloadStudio (using the File > Exit menu)

    3. Find your downloadstudio program folder and rename the existing downloadstudio.exe to another name. This folder is where you installed the program, usually c:\program files\conceiva\downloadstudio\, or c:\program files (x86)\conceiva\downloadstudio\ on 64 bit operating systems.

    4. Copy downloadstudio.exe (unzipped from the file that you downloaded), into the DownloadStudio program folder

    IMPORTANT: Ensure you have DownloadStudio 7.0.5 or 7.0.6 installed before applying this patch. You can see your version of DownloadStudio in the Help About box.
    IMPORTANT: After downloading the file "Downloadstudio.exe", don't try and run the file you downloaded until you copy it over the top of your existing Downloadstudio.exe file.
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    Update: This patch and the notes in this thread are no longer up-to-date. You should download the latest DownloadStudio 9.0 from our web site - It fully supports downloading videos from Youtube.

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