Hi, I recently purchased Mezzmo after trying the so called top 6 DLNA & UPnP Media server software.........WMS comes the closest but None of them really measure up to the Dynamic scorecard of Mezzmo!!!... at least in my books anyway...... I have centralised my media in my house around it...great product guys.... just one thing....

I Have a Samsung 3D/LED TV Model UA40EH6030 where the TV picks up the Mezzmo DLNA media server...no problem.., transcoding..everything works fine movies play O.K. etc. etc......except that the thumbnail feature on the Samsung TV does not display the artwork assigned on the Mezzmo media files, this is very frustrating because the wife and kids recognise pictures of movie artwork looooong before the written titles.

I have searched you tube and the archives of this forum, Google but can't seem to find a solution to this problem, not related to my TV model anyway.
All research indicates that it should be seamless....... I have tried changing the device profile for this TV from Samsung A through E and everything in-between .......all movies etc. have artwork and populated metadata...what am I doing wrong guys?.... any help/advice would be welcome to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance.