I've just installed Mezzmo on my Windows Home Server 2011 system to evaluate prior to purchase having previously tried and failed to get Serviio working as a media streamer for my Sony Bravia TV, Playstation 3, various laptops and a Marantz M-CR603 Network Music System. Serviio worked on a couple of devices, for about 5 minutes, then stopped completely so it's been binned.

Have tested music playback on all devices and all except the Marantz play successfully. The Marantz can see Mezzmo and I can browse to my music tracks but when hitting play nothing happens.

I have sucessfully used Asset UPnP to stream music to this system before and this still works.

The only reason I have to replace Asset is that I want a single solution for all media.

Would I be correct in assuming that this may be caused by the Marantz using the default profile in Mezzmo? If so, any suggestions as to which profile may work?