After googling and searching the forum here, I could not find solution.

I would greatly appreciate suggestions/solutions/further info on one or more of these (numbered) issues:


All windows 8 PC's all connected to homegroup
Mezzmo latest version (subtitles work on my Samsung TV)
Windows Firewall - mezzmo all allowed

1. Apple Airport Extreme router (does not support UPNP, does that matter??

2. Tried VLC -latest, able to view video from Mezzmo server, but no subtitles.

3. Mediamonkey app - cannot find server (I know it can take some time) even on same machine running Mezzmo (since VLC works - this must be MM issue, but maybe Conceiva knows something about this?? a workaround?)

4. Windows Mediaplayer - doesn't list mezzmo library, only list of videofiles - very annoying - also doesn't show subtitles.