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Thread: File Types Supported? M4V?

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    Default File Types Supported? M4V?

    Can someone tell me the file what file types are supported, or can be managed in the Media Library? I am struggling with an audio/video sync problem and am trying different things. I used Handbrake to do my latest file, and chose a MP4 container. When the file was complete, the actual extension of the file was .M4V.

    When I try to update my media library with the new file in the right directory, it doesn't bring it in.

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    I just found something on the website that says it supports .M4V, however, even when I select just that specific file to add, I get a message saying. Invalid media file.

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    Mezzmo does support M4V files. If Mezzmo reports invalid media file, then it is unable to decode the file (i.e. read the video channels, audio channels, subtitle channels, embedded artwork, text metadata).

    Try this:
    1. From your Windows Start menu, type cmd.exe to run a Windows command prompt
    2. In the command prompt, go to your Mezzmo program folder e.g. type "cd C:\Program Files\Conceiva\Mezzmo"
    3. In the command prompt, type "ffmpeg -i <M4V file path>" where <M4V file path> is the full file path to your M4V file. You should see ffmpeg output that describes the video, audio channels for the file. Copy this text and post it here.

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