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Thread: Another router issue?

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    Default Another router issue?

    Wondering if anyone is aware of an add'l item to verify related to ones router when using Mezzmo? I have done the following:
    •Check your router is not set to use IGMP snooping or IGMP Proxy and turn it off. Reboot your router and PC after making any changes.
    •Check your router does not have built-in UPNP turned on, or a built-in firewall turned on. Try turning these settings off. Reboot your router and PC after making any changes.
    •Check your router is not set to use Jumbo Frames and turn it off since your DLNA device may not support Jumbo Frames. Reboot your router and PC after making any changes

    In addition, I've reinstalled fresh Mezzmo application, 100% verified Windows firewall is off AND made sure Norton Internet Security 2013 firewall is off (even though both have the proper rules set up for Mezzmo). But yet I am still getting an "unable to access media" error from most Direct TV boxes. As mentioned in an older post, the set up worked fine for over a year and for a while I thought it was Norton, but with it shut down not aware of anything else other than the router. I do know the router updated firmware w/out my knowledge around the time this all started. I have a Qwest Q1000. All device profiles look fine in Mezzmo, allowed to access, and have correct IP addresses. And again, I can "see" Mezzmo on the device, all my media (at least after a reset of the device), but then first time I access I get no sound, then second time I get the error message. I did a log submission a while back with this follow up:

    In the log we can see two requests from the two direcTv boxes you have for the Mezzmo description document but no further request for Mezzmo icons or browsing of playlists so this indicates a communication block such as a firewall.

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    Why do you suspect the router? For the most part the router will only be used when you are talking to something off your local network. There are functions that most routers have that will affect what is on the network.
    DHCP - This service provides setup information for devices that are booting up. It is not needed if you configure all your devices manually. Give them all valid IP address/subnet mast/gateway and DNS information. If you do use dhcp that is OK and will not normally cause a problem. Consider reserving addresses for devices. Most routers will let you specify when machine x boots give it address y.
    NAT - This is Network Address Translation. It allows people to use an address like 192.168.x.x That is handy because there are not enough IP version 4 addresses around to give everything their own. Your ISP will assign and address to your router (usually through their own dhcp) and everything on the internet will use that to talk to your system. When your PC or xbox boots up dhcp will tell it you are y. This will be an example, the actual addresses use will be different. My pc boot up and dhcp gives it address info like your address is the subnet mask is the router is at and the dns is at

    When I need to talk to lets say google my machine will send a request to asking where can I find google? (This is really simplified). I get an answer like talk to So I send a message From: To: I want to talk to My router makes a note that -> It will then send the message From: (this is the address that your isp gave your router) To:
    When google gets the message it does not know the address of your machine because your router replaced it with its own. (technically it can find out if it wants to) So google will send an answer To: From: Your router gets that look in its list and then forwards it back to your pc. Note that that only happens when you are talking to a machine on a different network. The router does not forward traffic on your own network. It may cause a problem with looking up a machine, but once you find the machine the router is no longer used.

    My rather long winded response really means that I doubt it is your router. When you see the direcTv box request a description do you see a response? Can other devices use Mezzmo properly? From the error you mention it sounds more like it is not identifying the correct profile to use.

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    Hi aricm,

    It's best you send a set of logs to us at support [at] conceiva [dot] com and we'll see what's going wrong for you.

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