Hi there!
Mezzmo does not work well with xbmc nfo files. Not all infos are used.
My setup: Windows Home Server 2011 with 'xbmc-server 12.1' and MySql DB, Mezzmo 15 days trial, 5 xbmc PC Clients using xbmc Frodo 12.1, NTFS/Shared Folder Permission. (Folder:little Children,Teenager,Adult)
Now i need to stream to my Samsung type C TV . Mezzmo do the job and i am able to block Kids from streaming the 'Adult-folder with Mezzmo.

Now my little problem. I don't want to maintain the metadata db twice , Mezzmo and xbmc. So i only use the xbmc-nfo option to grab the metadata .
I exported the nfo files from xbmc to the movie folders.
But not all data from the nfo file is used. No cover/poster,no plot. But outline ist shown as plot.
Any idea ? Perhaps a 'Frodo-Bug' , because i tried serviio, which shows less information than Mezzmo.
Does anybody recognized this behaviour, too ?