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Thread: Mezzmo and XBMC nfo

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    Default Mezzmo and XBMC nfo

    Hi there!
    Mezzmo does not work well with xbmc nfo files. Not all infos are used.
    My setup: Windows Home Server 2011 with 'xbmc-server 12.1' and MySql DB, Mezzmo 15 days trial, 5 xbmc PC Clients using xbmc Frodo 12.1, NTFS/Shared Folder Permission. (Folder:little Children,Teenager,Adult)
    Now i need to stream to my Samsung type C TV . Mezzmo do the job and i am able to block Kids from streaming the 'Adult-folder with Mezzmo.

    Now my little problem. I don't want to maintain the metadata db twice , Mezzmo and xbmc. So i only use the xbmc-nfo option to grab the metadata .
    I exported the nfo files from xbmc to the movie folders.
    But not all data from the nfo file is used. No cover/poster,no plot. But outline ist shown as plot.
    Any idea ? Perhaps a 'Frodo-Bug' , because i tried serviio, which shows less information than Mezzmo.
    Does anybody recognized this behaviour, too ?


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    Hi McBrain,

    Mezzmo does not read all metadata from NFO files since Mezzmo does not have all the same corresponding metadata fields in your Mezzmo library. But Mezzmo does read many attributes from NFO files - including artwork, etc.

    Please email us a .NFO file for one of your movies to support [at] conceiva [dot] com and we'll take a look.

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