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    Hello everyone,

    I purchased Mezzmo and i love the product, I do have one issue i need some help with please.

    So movies i stream are great but some i stream the sound is very low... I have to turn my Samsung TV up to 70-75 to actually hear the voice...

    If the movie has trains, musci, etc... it is loud, but the voice out of the actors mouth is low?

    Every movie is ripped the same, kinda lost

    Any help would be great.


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    If you play the movie in a media player like VLC on your PC, is the sound level lower than your other videos? If the sound is lower, then there must be something in the encoded (ripped) audio channels causing this and there's nothing Mezzmo can do about it. You will need to re-rip the video.

    If the is not lower when played in VLC, then please post the FFmpeg information for a video that has low sound levels and one that has OK sound levels. To get this, right-click on the video in Mezzmo and click 'Get FFmpeg Information'. Also, let us know what device profile you are using with your Samsung TV. Go to the Media Devices dialog in Mezzmo to see this.

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