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Thread: Mezzmo displaying audio files out of order

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    Default Mezzmo displaying audio files out of order

    I am using Mezzmo with a Samsung BD F6500 Blu-ray player. My music is shared-out via Mezzmo under the default "Music" library.

    If I navigate to this library from my Samsung and then select an artist followed by an album, then the album tracks are listed in alphabetical order - they are NOT showing in the correct album track order.

    From within Mezzmo I have right-clicked on a number of sample files and used get FFMPEG information to confirm that the track number is most definitely there.

    Any suggestions as to why this may be happening?
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    Check the sort order of the Artist playlist. Right-click on the Artist playlist in the tree in Mezzmo and click Properties. In the Properties dialog, make sure the Sort by setting is set to Track / Episode (Ascending). Try streaming your Mezzmo library on your Samsung BD now.

    If still a problem, then select one of the music files under an Artist -> Album and click Properties. Check the Track value. If there is the track value is not set, then Mezzmo is not reading and assigning the track music data. Check the Metadata Retrieval Settings dialog to see what Mezzmo is reading from your files. Go to the Options dialog (Retrieving Metadata page) to access this dialog.

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