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Thread: Chaptering on Samsung C series TV

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    Default Chaptering on Samsung C series TV

    Hi there,

    i upgraded my LE40B650 for a new LE40C650 since it has iplayer and apps etc, so now looking again at Mezzmo since Share Manager has no auto update library feature (and manual update takes nearly 20mins!).

    However one feature that is "really" handy is chaptering, since the ff and rewind is 10 second jumps. No good if you need to ff to the middle of a film etc.

    I've spent quite a bit of time looking at how the chaptering works on the Samsung Share Manager and it seems quite simple. For every video file there is a similar .MTA file. It's an xml file with simple tags including the timestamp and a base64 jpg encoded section for the thumbnail.

    There are times that the update button doesn't create the .MTA file. But i've managed to create a basic version with a black thumbnail and jumps every 15mins. Once i add this to the video folder and rename the same as a video. The TV allows chaptering on that video. I dont even have to restart the server.

    It seems that if you press the centre button on the remote control. the TV requests the server send the same filename but ending with .MTA
    For example if i am watching video1.mkv and i press the centre button, then a request is made to the server for a file called video1.mta
    if it is received then the chapters are shown.

    I am happy to send a simple version of the MTA file.

    Can Mezzmo be updated to support the .MTA extension?

    I think if this can be added it would be a "major" improvement and one that could sway more people away from the Share Manager who keep it just for the FF and Chaptering etc.
    Happy to help out if you need anything.


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