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Thread: Problem with new comma-delimited, and other features

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    Default Problem with new comma-delimited, and other features

    While I like the idea of the common-delimited feature in certain field (I was using semi-colon to separate names), I have a problem with it's implementation.

    a) After entering items into a field (Artist/Actors, or Genre), whether or not the items are quote, the program will reformat the field -- remove quotes, separate an item that has a slash (/) even if it's quoted, put quotes in where they weren't typed, and change the order of the items entered (I put names in order of importance [arbitrary], not alphabetically)

    b) After entering names in the Artist/Actors field, the names show in the drop-down as unquoted. Wouldn't that cause the program to create two entries? -- example, "Hepburn, Katherine" becomes Hepburn, Katherine which (if selected) would create two entries if saved; Hepburn and Katherine

    c) New items or changed items entered into the Series field are not showing in the drop-down list

    and, once again,

    d) the Album Artist field no longer appears on the General properties tab (I use this field as a different kind of category field, separate from the Genre field)

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    Thanks for reporting this. Some answers:

    a) If you have examples where it is not working, please list them and we'll reproduce it here. We have an FAQ here -

    b) You should quote (") around your entries if you do not want them separated - i.e. "Hepburn, Katherine". If you have many instance of this, please tell us where this metadata comes from (external metadata XML file?). Perhaps send an example to us at support [at] conceiva [dot] com. We'll look into the order and the drop down list.

    c) We'll check out the Series field and make sure it is populated.

    d) We'll be adding more metadata fields in the next version of Mezzmo - including type/kind as you are using now.

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