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Thread: Mezzmo Crashes (Program Stopped responding)

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    I have the same problem, but I get no message in the log file.
    I enabled logging and delete all DB entries, then added back all the folders individually.
    For video files, there were no problems. Mezzmo is then crashed when adding MP3 files. It is Mezzmo this time not just freeze, but there was an error by the Visual Basic Runtime!
    This message I have attached as picture. After clicking on repeat itself Mezzmo has shut off.
    As I have now seen the Mezzmo.txt, I could not find an entry to a bad file.
    I hope we find a solution, because I would like to use Mezzmo permanently! Otherwise Mezzmo works perfectly with my Samsung TV!

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    Mario - can you locate which one of the MP3 files caused the error message? If you can, that would really help us fix the problem. Please zip it up and send it to us at support [at] conceiva [dot] com. Thank you.

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    Hi Paul,
    I will keep trying to find the bad file(s).

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    I have found the bad file, which had caused the crash by the inclusion in the DB of Mezzmo and this already sent by mail to the support of Mezzmo.
    But this was apparently not everything because Mezzmo still hangs when update the DB.
    When the files have been added to the DB appeared a few messages, invalid media file, please see the log file, but Mezzmo continue running normally after I had confirmed these reports.
    The log should be seen no evidence to corrupted files.

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