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Thread: Slow folder browsing on Samsung TV

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    Default Slow folder browsing on Samsung TV

    Hi, I sent this as an email Saturday but it appears you may be having email problems (from another post), as such I thought I would post in the forum just in case my email didn't get through..

    I've recently upgraded to version 3.3 of Mezzmo and had a database upgrade issue which your support staff assisted with. This has now been resolved.

    I am now having issues with extremely slow folder browsing from my Samsung TV.
    It is only the samsung E series profile with Wireless N as the network speed.
    Before the upgrade it was working well.

    Now we are experiencing delays of a couple of minutes both in clicing through sub folders and just in scrolling up and down within a single folder.
    This is making the software unusuable.

    Browsing from a UPNP app on my android phone works fine.
    I've also set the provile in Mezzmo to specify the network card and tried with and without artwork.
    I've also removed and recreated all the databases (well Mezzmo recreated them).

    The CPU on my file server is idling at only a few% used.
    It's running server 2008.

    If you received my email, I attached logs for both the application and the service. If you didn't receive my email, let me know and I'll try again from another account.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    For anyone else reading this post.

    Working with Conceiva staff we were able to identify the issue.
    There was actually nothing wrong with Mezzmo. The issue was a USB HDD attached to my TV.
    The timing was odd in that it coincided with the Mezzmo upgrade but unplugging the USB HDD solved the issue.
    This came to light when I tried browsing to another computer running different software and experienced the same issue which identified the culprit as being the TV instead of Mezzmo.

    So for anyone else, I would suggest starting with the basics instead of jumping to a conclusion like I did and rule a few other items out first.
    Now to work out why the USB HDD caused issues despite being connected for several weeks and browsing to the files located on it having no issues.

    Thanks again Conceiva.
    Your staff have been extremely helpful again.

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    Interesting - I guess the Samsung TV's firmware is regularly polling/scanning the USB HDD drive and that slows down DLNA streaming. Many thanks for sharing this for other Samsung TV owners.

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