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Thread: Sort order of series episodes in Newly Added smart playlist

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    Default Sort order of series episodes in Newly Added smart playlist

    Im using Mezzmo All my videos are in folders that are shown as folders in Mezzmo. I also have a smart playlist set to show only videos with a watched count of zero, sorted with the most recently added items first. There is a small problem with this.

    When adding several episodes of a series at the same time, the time added recorded in the database sometimes changes (by one second) between one and the next; and, of course, if new episodes are added when older episodes are still unwatched, those will have later times.

    The problem is that, although overall I want the list sorted with the most recently added first, this doesnt make sense for episodes of the same series. Regardless of when they were added, I would always want the unwatched episodes of a series to appear in season/episode order. They could be placed within the greater list according the time of the newest unwatched episode of the series, or according to the time of the oldest unwatched episode, or they could be collected in a sub-folder which would appear when and only when more than one episode of a particular series was in the unwatched list; but its really confusing if, among themselves, they dont appear in the order they should be watched.

    As far as I can tell, there is no straightforward way to get Mezzmo to do this now. What Im doing is using sqliteman to change the Date Added field in the mgofile database to get the order I want. It works, but clearly this is not an ideal solution.

    So, this is a suggestion: some way to group series within a smart playlist so they show together, in proper order, regardless of the major sort for the list.

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    You can sort your folders/playlist by "Track / Episode" order (ascending/descending) so that would get your list of unwatched videos sorted in the correct order that you want to watch them.

    If you have multiple series listed in the same playlist, then the above solution will mix up different series episodes. We've been considering adding a 2nd "Sort By" attribute into the folder/playlist dialogs so that you could sort by several fields. In your case, you may want to sort by Series, then Episode. This would group the series videos together into episode.

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