Hello, I tried the latest beta with a 61GB download of zip-files (ranging from 0.5MB - 3+GB).
It went really well, no corrupted files all unpacked successfully!

It was a bit strange, I used the freedownloadmanager and I got a few corrupted zipfiles, after 2 tries I asked about the newest version of DownloadStudio and got a link to the newest beta and tried it, it steamrolled through all the downloads with no files corrupted in one go and faster too.

I have a these feature requests, they may be already there (if so, my apologies).

  1. In the "Post Processing Action Properties", is it possible to have a [URL] as a argument. The reason for this is that I often take screenshots and and do some other data extraction from the web (html) page and some other actions. Having the source URL would be very handy for my tools.
    Maybe even give the option to store ALL the information in a temporary textfile (in temp dir) and only pass the path to the tempfile to the external application as an argument?

  2. In the Settings "After download" you have some options for initiating actions after one job, is it possible to do this when ALL jobs are finishes and add an option "Run", so I can run any .exe or .bat after ALL downloads (jobs) are done.
    Something that looks a bit like the "Post Processing Action Properties" dialogbox but this time when all the jobs are done.

  3. This one is an question and maybe an feature request: Regarding the first point => "Post Processing Action Properties", how does DownloadStudio know when the action has been completed so it can move on to the next job?
    Or is it some kind of 'Seperate thread' / 'Parallel' handling, with this I mean: After the job has been finished, the command in the "Post Processing Action Properties" dialobox are executed and directly after that the next job begins? (so it could be the command in the "Post Processing Action Properties" could still be running it's process while the next download job is beeing executed?)

    Is it possible to have a small .exe called "trigger_nextjob.exe" or something like that, so that an external application can run that "trigger_nextjob.exe" and then DownloadStudio initiates the next downloadjob?
    So you have something like this

    ...Download Job A
    ...Download Job A finished
    ...Execute "Post Processing Action Properties" => EXTERNAL APPLICATION (exe / bat)
    ...Download Studio waits for "trigger_nextjob.exe"
    ...EXTERNAL application does it's processing
    ...EXTERNAL application finishes and executes: "trigger_nextjob.exe"
    ...DownloadStudio detects "trigger_nextjob.exe" and starts Job B