I would like to see Folder Art when browsing my library, especially Music since albums are organized as folders.

Server is a Windows 7 PC with Mezzmo.

Client is an LG 55LA6900 "Smart" TV (2013 model that Mezzmo supports). It has the LG "Smartshare" feature.

Everything is working fine (I am still in setup/shakedown/learning mode) except that the Folders containing a music album's tracks appear on the TV screen as generic Windows folder icons, not the preferred album/folder art.

a) The individual tracks do have the appropriate album art on the TV.
b) On the PC using the Mezzmo GUI the folders/albums do have the appropriate album art.

I have checked the Mezzmo Device settings and Folder Art is enabled. I have also checked that the Metadata Retrieval options has all sources checked "On".

I have read that some DLNA clients do not support Folder Art (why, oh why....?). Do the 2013 LG "Smart" TVs' (Smartshare) as DLNA clients support Folder Art?

If so how do I enable it?

Thank you!

(I apologize if this has already been addressed but I did not find it)