No big deal but I'm a fussy so and so.

I've transferred all my 24 DVD's to the computer for ease of viewing, they're in my library in a folder called strangely enough 24. There are 8 series each with 24 episodes, I've got the relevant series artwork from the web for each episode in the relevant series, all 24 are the same per series.

When I click on 24 in the library I see 8 pictures in the large right hand pane all with a little folder in the bottom right corner.

The thing that's upsetting my sense of order is that 5 of the pictures show the artwork from the first series not the artwork of the episodes in the folder, 3 of them show a totally unrelated picture that is nowhere in my library, the episode artwork is correct on my TV.

I've notices this sometimes happens on other series folders, OK it's only on the computer but it's just a bit annoying.

Anyone like to comment or post a fix.

Thanks in advance