Is there a way of having a smart playlist based ?
I have a number of folders with TV shows in them. EG
----Series A
----Series B
----Series C
----Series D
----Series E
----Series F

I want to create a playlist that will show (say) 5 random files from Series A, Series B, Series D and Series F

Only way ive managed to do this is a smart PL that says
file path contains TV
file path does not contain Series C
file path does not contain Series E

problem is I have way more that 6 series... so if there are say 50 series and I want to exclude 20 then its quite fiddly to add each exclusion. Also the dialog box begins to go offscreen.

if the DOES NOT CONTAIN match field could a series of strings EG "Series C", "Series E" that would help..

Or if there was a PLAYLIST field in the dropdown that contains file path, genre, duration etc etc