Will Mezzmo and I-tunes co-exist on the same computer, meaning can the Mezzmo server run at the same time as I-tunes home sharing??

I am thinking about getting an Apple TV device for playing music files. The Apple TV, when paired with I-tunes home sharing, seems to have the playback functions I am looking for.

I have Western Digital Streaming Media Players and they play back music just fine with Mezzmo, but they don't seem to have as nice of a GUI as the Apple TV does when paired with I-tunes.

I want to have all my media on one PC for serving. I want to use Mezzmo for serving all my media except my CD audio library. I want to use I-tunes for serving my CD audio library to the Apple TV.

Can Mezzmo and I-tunes be running on a PC at the same time without issues? Mezzmo and I-tunes will NOT be set up to monitor the same media folders. The PC is a Core-i7 3770 with 16GB ram running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.