Hi, fantastic product
I would like to obtain the following (maybe it is already possible).
My laptop with a test Mezzmo is acting as my media server. It is connected to AV Receiver by HDMI cable and to LAN. I would like to control the server from my android device - eg. smartphone or tablet using something like BubbleUpnp. Yes, I can stream it from Mezzmo to other devices called renderers (eg. tablet or tv) but so far have not found a way to run it on the laptop. Mezzmo appears only as Library, not as renderer. I have not found any soft that could be controlled from Android device and play the heavy high definition movies *"locally"* (directly from laptop without pushing it over LAN from one virtual device to the other).
In other words - is there any soft that could 'suck' files locally from Mezzmo library and be remotely controlled by Android device? I called the situation "mezzmo to VLC" where remotely controlled VLC could read files from local mezzmo library and play it on the same machine.
I'm not sure if I expressed myself in understandable way ;-)