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    Default Imdb?

    Don't think this is a problem with Mezzmo, more of an issue with the data on IMDB (think that is where metadata gets pulled from)

    I have been looking but cannot find where this data is so it can be corrected

    I have 6 films which when matched add the film name into the series box, so when I browse through my TV series these films show as TV episodes, looking on IMDB I cannot see a series section for them

    Can anyone offer any guidance on how to fix the data, or stop the films showing up under series (currently I change the series name to a . so they are grouped under this in the series section (not ideal but workable)

    Needful Things 1993
    Alice in Wonderland 2010
    Christmas in Wonderland 2007
    Dark Water 2002 (Japanese version)
    Saw VI 2009
    Scream 4 2011

    I have a daily maintenance that runs so need to have something in the series box, if it's blank it fills it again with the film name

    Any thoughts?
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    Thanks for reporting this, Paul. We'll test it here as well. Email us at support [at] conceiva [dot] com and we'll provide any tweaks/patches to improve the movie detection.

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