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Thread: Support for LG TV?

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    Default Support for LG TV?

    Hi, I have a LG 42LD560 TV,

    I am currently trying the trial version of Mezzmo to see if it work.

    I can get music and pictures to work just fine but when I try to play any videos my TV disconnects from Mezzmo.

    I did a log file but it is over 8mbs? I read somewhere in the forum that I can not send files lager then 3mbs?

    What should I do? Any suggestions?

    I've tried with transcoding on and off, neither works.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Make sure that the "LG TV" device profile is selected for your device in the Media Devices dialog in Mezzmo. If you change it, remember to stop and start your Mezzmo server.

    Try playing a few different video files that you have and see if any work. That will help isolate what particular video formats may not be working.

    If none of that helps, then send us your log files:

    1. Start Mezzmo and go to the Options dialog. Click the "Clear Log Files" button to delete your log files. Make sure logging is turned on.

    2. Start the Mezzmo server. Use your LG TV to connect to Mezzmo and try streaming a video.

    3. Stop the Mezzmo server, and then zip up all the log files and send to support [at] conceiva [dot] com. You can turn logging off now.

    We will take a look at them and work out what's going wrong for you.

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