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Thread: Moving Memmo to differnt machine

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    Default Moving Memmo to differnt machine

    In all of your free time it would be nice if you could develop an easy way to move an existing system to a different machine. (Yes I did read and try to use the handy FAQ but it did not work.)

    My existing system is on my PC a Win7 X64. Mezzmo has:
    Number of files: 20,207
    Duration 144.5 days
    Size: 5510.57 GB
    Music: 18,249
    Video 1,958
    Playlists: 33,574
    Folders: 5

    I decided to move Mezzmo to a different system (because users are weird.) Actually I just wanted to get my system back so that I can do things that will no longer impact Mezzmo. Now all of my media is stored on a NAS and connected through two shares. One is for Music and One is for videos. This means of course that the directory structure is maintained between the machines.
    The computer I decided to use is an older PC running Windows XP. (Of course this did prevent the FAQ from helping much). In fact when I tried it all of the media files showed up in 3s. So there were three of everything. After a while I just dropped the DB and decided to add everything back in and recreate the playlists. (Fortunately I did not have to redo the Rolodex.) So a script to help out moving things between divergent systems would help someone else.

    One of the things that I have run into is the date selection. By default a movie is assigned a date derived from the file creation date. This is not a good idea since it will probably seldom be accurate. To date I see about a 60% failure caused by it. Now my file names are very easily used to identify the movies but when the file creation date is appended to the imdb look up either it finds no match most of the time, or worse it makes a very inaccurate selection. To make it more useable maybe a switch to ignore the file creation date would be helpful. Perhaps if a finding of multiple matches could be made that would prompt the user to resolve those as needed. Having to resolve 10-20% would be much better than needing to look carefully at every entry.

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    Hi JohnM,

    Thanks for the feedback & suggestions.

    1. The FAQs to move your Mezzmo database and/or move your media files should work (for any flavour of Windows - including Win XP as well), so we're keen to find out what went wrong. I'm not sure how 3 instances of every file showed up. If you can let us know how to reproduce this, we do that here and fix the problems. We'll also improved the FAQs to better help users.

    For reference, we have 2 FAQs currently:
    Moving your Mezzmo database:
    Moving your media files:

    2. The current version of Mezzmo should only be using the year to improve search result accuracy - i.e. if a multiple matches are found for the movie title (e.g. "Star Trek"), then Mezzmo searches through these search results for a matching year and, if found, this is regarded as the best match. Can you provide an example where is produces a wrong result? We'll test it here and fix the problem.

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