After months of stability with Mezzmo on Win 8 (Mezzmo up to 3.4.3 stable) I upgraded to Win 8.1 today.

I now face the issue that video streams are interrupted after a couple of minutes. At these moments Mezzmo becomes invisible to all my devices (2 Samsung, 1 Philips TY, ipod, iphone). The server reappears a few second later and I can restart streaming but a few minutes later streaming is interrupted again.

I also recognized that when stopping the Media Server via the Mezzmo UI it takes app. 30 secs in which the title bar reads '...Not Responding'. I didn't have that on Win 8. Watching Mezzmo Mediaserver via TaskManager / Processmonitor nothing spectacular happens.

I have produced logs and send them to you via separate email.

Best regards

P.S. Win 8.1 is another coffin nail for Microsoft - several vendors still have issues with Win 8.1 (Paragon, Intel graphcs n my case).