I have a movie in the following folder:

E:\Movies 2\1408 (2007)\1408 1080P.mkv

it gets classified as a tv serie with the following name:
Films: S002 E140
It is under the playlist:
Series > Movies> Season 2 > episode 140

The folder name 1408 (2007) it is the exact name as on IMDB.

I use the get metadata from file path because i prefer to set the quality in the file name.
Otherwise Mezzmo gets even more confused. There is no metadata in the file nor any nfo file.
I match all the folders name with the IMDB name. This works for all movies but films like:

E:\Movies 2\2001 A Space Odyssey (1968)\2001 A Space Odyssey 1080P.mkv
E:\Movies 2\1408 (2007)\1408 1080P.mkv
E:\Movies 2\13 (2010)\13 (2010) 1080P.mkv
F:\Movies 3\9 (2009)\9 1080p DTS.mkv

seems if a movie folder starts with a number mezzmo thinks it is a tv series.