I recently purchased Mezzmo, and it is mostly great. However, I am unable to get embedded subtitles working on my LG BD390 bluray player. Embedded subs work fine from Mezzmo to my Panasonic TV, but not to my LG bluray player. I know that the LG BD390 can read embedded subs in my MKV files, because it works fine when I play the MKV from a USB memory stick. So the bluray player is capable of playing embedded subtitles. It just doesn't work from Mezzmo. External subtitles do work, though. But I hate having to extract subtitles on every MKV I have. I have tried using several different device profiles, and I have tried modifying the LG Bluray profile many different ways. Nothing seems to work. I have turned on logging and studied the logs to try and figure this out, but still no joy. Please help. Thank you!