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    When I first installed Mezzmo. It allowed me to pick the folders and drives to have them scan. My question is this, if add more files to those folders that I scanned earlier. Does Mezzmo just rescan them automatically or is that something I have to do and if so how?

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    Files only get updated when you

    a) Browse these folders
    b) Run the Maintain Library feature

    If you add things quite often it's probably best to set Maintain Library to run daily (click Maintain Library and at the bottom of screen you can set a time for it to run)

    More info here

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    Thank you for your answer, I just purchased a Samsung BD-C6800 Bluray Player from Ebay. And so far this is the only product I have tried that has allowed me to watch a full movie with out dropping connection on my network. Its seems like if this continues to work I will be purchasing it.

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