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Thread: CPU and Memory control

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    Default CPU and Memory control

    There should be a way to control the min/max CPU and memory utilization. If there are other apps on the system then they could impact performance.


    Use at least 30% but no more than 80% CPU.

    Use at least 4gb of RAM with no upper limit.

    I am not sure what would be the best way to GUI this but maybe a couple of sliders?

    Thank you,

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    Hi Niles,

    Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, this feature would be difficult to provide since high CPU & memory issues generally are related to transcoding and all audio and video transcoding is carried out in Mezzmo by an external program (ffmpeg.exe). Unless the FFmpeg developers provide this level of control through their command line, then we will not be able to provide it in Mezzmo.

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    You can set the affinity so it uses only certain cpu, ie, if you have 4 (4 core), just set the affinity so that it uses 2. In task manager/processes right click on ffmpeg click om Affinity, it will open up how many cpu's ffmpeg can use. Won't stop memory usage, but will drop total cpu in use significantly. It will also take longer to transcode the file(s).
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