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Thread: Pre-Transcoding performance

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    Default Pre-Transcoding performance

    I understand that most of this is dependent on the system (e.g. CPU, RAM drive speed, etc...) but even with a system design for extreme high performance pre-transcoding is still very slow. I have around 500 video files, 265 of which required pre-transcoding. This took me nearly two weeks non-stop. One with this much data should be backing up the pre-transcoding folder. Is it even possible to have Mezzmo use a restored pre-transcoding folder? I would hate to do this all over again.

    My system is as follows:

    Dell T3600
    Xeon E5-1660 Sixcore 3.3ghz CPU 15mb Turbo+
    64Gb DDR3 1600 ECC RAM
    PERC H710P, SATA/SAS 6Gb/s, RAID 0/1/5/10, 1 GB (4 ports)
    4 x 256Gb 6Gb SATA SSD drives in a RAID5

    External Storage for media files:

    LSI SAS 3000 Series Controller
    4 x TowerRAID TR8X+BHG 8 bay RAID towers with Western Digital 4TB RED NAS drives in a RAID 50 (total capacity 98Tb)

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    Transcoding and pre-transcoding performance is directly related to (i) your computer's performance, (ii) the original file's format & attributes and (iii) the destination file's format and attributes. Sometimes transcoding is very fast, but in some cases where Mezzmo has to fully transcode 1080p HD videos that have high bitrates, then transcoding will be slower.

    You can make a backup of the files in your transcoding folder by simply copying them to another location. As long as you keep your folder and file names the same, then you can restore them (i.e. copy them back) if anything goes wrong. You can find the location of the transcoding folder in the Transcoding Settings dialog.

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