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Thread: Audio Async Mezzmo -> Samsung Series 8,7 and 6

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    Question Audio Async Mezzmo -> Samsung Series 8,7 and 6

    Hi together,

    first iīm very sorry about my awful englisch, i came from austria.

    So letīs talk about my problem.

    In the last 2 Weeks i setup my digital home with an new tv & media server

    tv is an Samsung 65" series 8 - F8080 (main tv the others are series 7 and 6)
    my server is based on an amd 6 core prozessor with 32GB Ram 1800 Mhz and has all MediaFiles on MultiRaid Configuration (Raid 1+0)

    While i setup this new configuration iīve also have a look for an new media server (the old one i used was serviio pro)
    On some searches in the internet always mezzmo comes along with good to very good ratings, so i wanted to try it.

    All my Players could be indentified by Mezzmo, no one needs Transcoding (belong to XBOX360 / ONE and PS3 / 4 but i donīt use them as an MediaPlayer)

    The first Movies i watched where Ripīs from DVDīs and some BlueRayīs i have Backup to save my collection original as possible.
    No Problems can be detected on Playback. So i tried my FullHD Backups (about 20 to 40 GB each)

    Wooohooo oh my goodness there are so many milliseconds audio async i couldnīt grasp.
    Ok Ok it was the first try, letīs take another Movie ... the same problem :-/
    Good i take the Remote of my new tv an go to digital audio settings where i changed the Sync of Audio ... btw on a setting of 250ms the option of tv endīs.
    The Movie was still async ... now i switched on my Samsung Soundbar (connected via fiber optics to tv) and the async continuance so i changed to sync option on soundbar to ...
    By an setting about 350ms (TV & Soundbar combinated) the Audio was more or less sync ....

    No i go on to find the Problem (all other players where also async)

    I checked all connections (GBit Kat 6 Network wired, no WiFi Clients for streaming)
    I looked what the new server does while streaming the movie
    I tried to copy the file to an usb 3.0 stick an tested it directly on the TVīs (Audio was sync by an setting about + 10ms)
    I checked my new router (Asus AC Black Edition)
    at last i stopped Mezzmo (also the service) and installed Serviio Pro and test it again
    (About the fairness i have to say that these Movie was ripped bevor i used mezzmo on my old mediaserver)
    the file sync by an setting about +10ms again

    So after all tryīs to find the incident my résumé was that mezzmo must have something to do whit this issue ....

    Now my question is, does some know how i could fix this ?
    I really what to use Mezzmo, i love the Cover Features and much more, but with an AudioLag off more that 300ms i canīt live.

    I hope someone could help me .... thx a lot !

    P.S.: Again my Hardware / Network Settings

    More as powerfull and quick Server
    Full 1 Gbit wired Network
    all Clients on the latest firmware
    much experience on ripping dvdīs / blurayīs

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    Thanks for the excellent explanation. Try this: Right-click on one of the videos that you streamed (and that had audio sync problems) and click Properties. On the Properties dialog, go to the Transcoding tab and you will see all your transcoded files for this video listed there. Select the one for your Samsung F8080 and click Save As button. Choose a location on your harddisk to save the file. Now try to play this file in a media player on your PC such as VLC or WMP. Does the video have audio sync issues? If it does, then this tells us that the transcoding step in Mezzmo introduced the sync issues. A fix for this may be to fully transcode the video instead of re-muxing the video (re-muxing means copying compatible channels into the new video file instead of transcoding them; re-muxing is very fast, whereas transcoding is slower). In the Transcoding tab on the Properties dialog, delete all the transcoded files that are listed there and click OK. Now right-click on the video again and click 'Pre-transcode Files'. On the Pre-transcode Files dialog, select your Samsung F8080 and click 'Choose Formats'. On the Pre-transcode Formats dialog, select the bolded format and select the 'Force full transcode of all channels' checkbox. Click OK and then select the 'Pre-transcode files even if they match the devices supported formats' checkbox. Click OK to start transcoding. Wait until transcoding has completed and then try streaming the video now to your Samsung 8080. Let us know if that is better.

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