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Thread: Panasonic VT30A profile issues?

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    Default Panasonic VT30A profile issues?


    I have a Panasonic P55VT30A which appears in mezzmo under the profile Panasonic models (2011).
    It used to play mkv and mp4 files with ease.

    Please note that my TV is connected with a cable to a netgear WN2000RPT router which appears as the connected device on my router connected to the computer

    At the moment the following is happening,

    If I play an mkv file then it plays it, but the aspect is full screen when it shouldn't be.
    If I play it with transcoding off it plays with the wrong aspect
    If I play it with transocding on it transcodes all files and struggles. It plays them in the correct aspect but it freezes after a few minutes of play and drops out.

    I never had any of these issues previously.

    What appeared to happen was when I coneexted an xbox 360 it seemed to replace the IP of the TV with the 360 profile.
    I changed this back to Panasonic to get it to play anything but I can't seem to get a movie playing in the correct aspect without it transcoding.

    I changed the profile to Panasonic 2012 and it plays in the correct aspect but has to have transcoding on?

    It is driving me crazy - Please HELP

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    Hi Alistair,

    If you think your IP addresses may have been messed up or swapped, then it may be best to clear out your device list in Mezzmo. Stop your Mezzmo server and go to the Media Devices dialog and delete all your devices listed there. Then start your Mezzmo server. This will re-list your devices in the Media Devices dialog. Make sure they are using the right device profile. For your TV, I suggest using the 'Panasonic Viera TV (2011 models)' device profile.

    Next, stream a video to your TV. When the aspect ratio is wrong, press the Options button on your TV's remote and look for "Aspect Ratio" setting. Many Viera models (not sure if your model) let you adjust the aspect ratio of the video so it fits the screen as you desire.

    If you cannot adjust the aspect ratio using your Viera settings and the video is not displayed correctly when streamed without transcoding, then that means that your TV is not able to decode and play it correctly. Mezzmo is simply streaming the file directly to your TV without any modification. If you choose to transcode the video, then Mezzmo can adjust the aspect ratio and you may get better results. You can further adjust this using the "Adjust aspect ration" checkbox n the Performance tab on the Device Settings dialog.

    If your on-the-fly transcoding is too slow, then you should pre-transcode your video before streaming it and you will not get any stuttering. See this FAQ -

    Mezzmo Android: Install it on your tablet, smartphone, Android TV or Amazon Fire to browse and stream files from your Mezzmo library to all your devices. Full details at
    Mezzmo for Kodi Add-on: Install it into Kodi to stream files from your Mezzmo library directly in Kodi. Full details at
    Mezzmo for Roku App: Install it onto your Roku to stream files from your Mezzmo library. Full details at
    Wiki: User Guides & Reference Manual at

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