I installed Mezzmo on my laptop and configured it to use file storage on my desktop PC via Ethernet. Mezzmo appears fine on my Panasonic SA-BT230 surround sound and when I drill down, I see the all the stored movies, music and images. However, when I select anything to play/view, I get a message "Cannot connect. Please confirm network connection and settings" and nothing happens. To be fair, my laptop and desktop are upstairs and my BT230 is downstairs. I'm using a couple of old Sky switch/routers to connect my upstairs network to the downstairs network with home plugs and the mains wiring as the backbone so it's a little complex. However, I opened the inbound ports 53168, 1900 and 2869 for TCP and UDP on both switch/routers. Any idea what I'm not doing that I need to? I don't want to pay for Mezzmo until I know it's working as I want it to.

Regards, MSJ