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Thread: Catastrophic Failure?

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    Default Catastrophic Failure?

    I downloaded the Download Studio and when I try to install I get this error: "Catastrophic Failure" and the installation ends.


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    The catastrophic failure message is an unrecoverable error from our installation engine, installshield. I have checked their forums and documentation and don't have a clear solution for your problem. We have not had any other reports of the error from our users.

    I would recommend trying the following
    * Make sure you are running the setup from a local computer, not a network drive
    * Reboot you machine and close down all running applications, including windows explorer, internet explorer and anything running in your system tray.
    * Disable or close your virus checking software

    Then try installing DownloadStudio.
    Conceiva. Download it with DownloadStudio. Stream it with Mezzmo.

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