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Thread: Anyone using their iPhone with Mezzmo?

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    Default Anyone using their iPhone with Mezzmo?

    Hi all,

    I recently installed Mezzmo so I can stream media to my LG BluRay player.

    I also tried streaming to my iPhone, and it worked OK using 8player lite. I also tried using MLPLayer Lite, which didn't really work too well when streaming FLAC files (that get transcoded). I had to keep pressing the Play button (after getting error messages about the network, etc.), until the file finally started to play... I assume after it was completely transcoded by Mezzmo.

    Anyone else using the iPhone with Mezzmo? If so, which application are you using?


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    I use it for MP3 streaming on a semi-regular basis.

    To be honest, I seem to be using a different application every day I find navigation in 8Player can be difficult, because there's not enough width to display long names. I mostly use MLPlayer Lite and iMediaSuite these days, with no real preference yet between these two.

    It's possible that transcoding might be quirky with the iPhone - I only use MP3s myself so I never tested FLAC transcoding.

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