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    I have a DVD Video_TS folder in which a number of .ifo, .vob and .bup are located.
    Using that folder in mezzmo shows three video files for display.
    selecting the video on the TV correctly plays the video.

    Now for the subtitles, going to properties in mezzmo shows 4 internal subtitles present.
    Using VLC to play the video also gives the possibility to select one of the 4 subtitle tracks and they are shown correctly.
    However using the "extract subtitles" button in mezzmo, after some moments the following error occurs :

    Opening ifo OK
    Parsing ifo OK
    Searching vobs...
    Found d:\medias~1\contin~1.1nl\dvd1\video_ts\vts_01_1.vo b
    Found d:\medias~1\contin~1.1nl\dvd1\video_ts\vts_01_2.vo b
    Counting timestamps from 0ms (v01c01)
    Indexing mode: File
    v01 c01 lba00000000, total=0ms, off=0ms, corr=0ms, discont.:1
    Encrypted sector found, searching key...
    ERROR: Key not found, can't decrypt!

    Then I tried the program DVDSubedit (1.52). With that I was able to extract subtitles. So information is available.
    I renamed the dvdsubedit subtitlefile to but mezzmo doesn't see this as external subtitle.

    Questions :

    - Are there (configuration) options that I should set to let mezzmo extract the subtitles
    - What naming/location should I use to let mezzmo use the dvdsubedit generated subtitles ?

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    I guess your DVD may be protected, but DVDSubedit is able to extract subtitles regardless. The main question is what kind of subtitles is created by DVDSubedit software: image or text based. It is probably image based (otherwise such software needs OCR (Optical Character Recognition ability).
    In this case you cannot rename these files to SRT (text based), but it should be in the VobSub format: there are two files expected by Mezzmo: xxx.sub and xxx.idx. If original extraction from Mezzmo by popular tool VSRip.exe is successful that is actually the outcome from extraction. Such subtitles (by images) need to be burned in to the video by transcoding. Sometimes is more efficient to find matching to DVD movie, text based subtitles like SRT on the web. Here more detailed info (2xpages)

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