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Thread: Excluding series in playlist?

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    Default Excluding series in playlist?

    Right now I have a custom playlist to include all video files, this works well except it also includes all my series. Ideally it should only list movies, is there a way to do this via a rule so I don't have to move series to another folder? I would prefer to keep everything in subfolders in my "Downloads" folder.


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    Figured it out, just had to add the following rule: Album/Series is (blank)
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    Glad you worked out a way to do it In the upcoming Mezzmo v4.0, we have introduced a new TV series playlist, Movies playlist and Home movies playlist. Mezzmo will automatically add appropriate video files into the correct playlist for a nice browsing experience. There are also many additional attributes for your files that Mezzmo collects that you can use to filter your playlists. And, we've added smart filters on active playlists so you can now filter active playlists. Mezzmo v4.0 is a free upgrade for all registered users and will be released in the next few days.
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    Sounds great

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