ok so here I am with 5tb of movies and only really watch them on one type of tv .. sony bravia..
I have another 4 tb of tv shows ... also really only use them on my tv

I want to transcode them all... 50,000+ movie files
I know you have an option to pre transcode them blah blah blah ... but I want an option to replace the existing file with the newly pretranscoded file ..
example... have a folder with 10 movies 1.avi ,2.avi, 3.avi, etc
but my tv doesn't play avi's... sooooooooo pretanscode them and replace the avi's with the same resolution and same video bitrate
1.mp4 ,1.mo4,3.mp4, etc this way next time I go to play a movie from my archives.. no transcoding is needed
- unless of course I play it on a device that doesn't support the mp4 format....

ok .... been trying to find other software to do this . rather than ask for you to include this function but you seem to be almost there..
just need to replace the old files with the new one and name it the same ...

Otherwise I will have to keep double the hard drive space for no reason... 1 copy is original and 1 copy is transcoded(and tucked away in some folder with a unreadable name)..


long time customer...