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Thanks for the explanation. My first thought is that it feels like your home network is sluggish. The devices on the DEVICES tab and servers on the SERVERS tab should appear very quickly. If they are taking a long time to appear, then either your home network is congested or something on your home network is slowing down DLNA / UPnP communication. I'd suggest you check your home network and devices attached to it. One simple check you can do is start turning devices connected to your home network off. Each time you turn one off, touch the Refresh icon on the DEVICES or SERVERS tab on the Mezzmo Android app and see if the response is faster. This may help isolate any problem device(s) on your home network. Also, I suggest you reboot your router - it's quite common for routers' firmware to get "stuck" form time-to-time and a reboot usually clears up the problem.

Regarding thumbnails/artwork and scrolling in the Mezzmo Android app, the next Mezzmo Android app version has a few nice improvements in this area so you should see a noticeable speed improvement and not have to wait for thumbnails/artwork to be displayed before scrolling.

Another possible reason for the sluggish response you are getting is that it sounds like your Mezzmo library is based on folders that are stored on your NAS. We're currently making some speed improvements in this area for Mezzmo server. If you are interested, email us at support [at] conceiva [dot] com and we can provide a patch for your to try that should improve server response when browsing folders.
I broke down and tried your suggestions and there was absolutely no improvement after that. But I have good news. I decided to start from scratch. I deleted the database, playlists, etc. I then reloaded folder by folder my media files into the Library. Mezzmo then got fresh all the artwork, metadata and etc for each of the files. NOW the filelists load about as fast as with Skifta and BubbleUPNP. I have no problem with scrolling now either. I'm a happy camper.