Hi Paul,
i finally managed to get round to upgrading to v4 on my Samsung c650. Everything seems to be OK and most tasks are quite a bit quicker, however there are 2 issues that have cropped up...

1. As mentioned in another post, i can no longer do chaptering. Centre button on remote just does a pause. No rush on that one.
2. When i open my Videos folder which has around 100 MKV files, there is a long pause before the list is displayed. Around 50seconds. If i reduce the number of files there is an improvement.
If i create a new folder and add it new files, the same delay happens.

I have completed a full maintenance and this happens with or without covers.

I have photos and music folders with similar numbers and all is OK, its just the video folder that is taking the time.

I can send logs if you need but thought perhaps you might know about this one already.