I can use BubbleUPNP or AllCast to send videos from my Mezzmo server to Chromecast, but the original file is sent, not the transcoded one.
Looking at Mezzmo's status panel, it knows the file is being sent to Chromecast, and yet, won't transcode the file or send a pre-transcoded file.

To be honest, as a "quick fix" I would buy Mezzmo's Android app, but it's just too bad, way too bad. It doesn't follow Android's design guidelines (http://developer.android.com/design/...rinciples.html), I get popups for every DLNA device found on my network, and it seems that the app keeps scanning even when it's not in foreground, since sometimes I see the popup saying which devices Mezzmo has found. When in the app, I tap "back" a popup says that tapping again I'll leave the app, so I tap again and now a dialog opens asking me to confirm if I want to exit. I could go on and on...

So I'm looking forward to see the server working with the apps I already own.