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Thread: Sony Home Theatre (again) and newest Mezzmo version

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    Default Sony Home Theatre (again) and newest Mezzmo version

    After the software auto-updated today, the Sony Home Theatre profile became Sony Home Theatre (NTSC). And now, no AVI files are being displayed nor are the M2TS files that had appeared in the previous version. In fact, the SonyHT profiles are one for PAL and the other for NTSC. I thought, OK, I'll replace this new SonyHT.prf with my old one which worked fine, all files displayed and played, M2TS files, no transcoding, great. But, no go. This is frustrating. The only options for device profile are either the PAL or the NTSC. My original profile isn't showing up in the drop down list. What to do? Can you get the new profile to at least see AVI files and M2TS files as this is the bulk of my video library?

    One thing I tried is to use the SonyBDP (NTSC) which I note has a MKV section. The AVI files still don't show, but the M2TS files show and play fine. So at this point, that profile is a better fit than the SonyHT (NTSC) profile.

    As a side note, the Sony Bravia works fine with its new profile, but not the Home Theatre. I won't update my other PC until this bug is fixed. Thanks in advance.
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    The PAL profile is the former "Sony Home Theater" one. Please send a message to support (at) conceiva (dot) com and I'll send you a fix to get the AVIs back.

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