I've discovered an interesting problem when the sort order on a playlist is set for least played. Here's the scenario:

I created a smart playlist with about 70 songs in it. I set the sort order for least played, in an attempt not to hear the same songs over and over again. The music files are being played through a Yamaha RX-A3020 receiver. The problem occurs when changing songs. What will happen is that a song will finish playing and then it will begin to play the next song on the playlist but about 10 seconds into the song it skips to the next song. This occurs whether I use the receiver's native interface to play the songs or whether I use the Mezzmo Android app. If I change the sort order to fixed or some other more static setting it is fine. When it skips a song the Android app and the receiver both get out of sync with the song that is playing. They will often (almost always) show the song which should be playing, even though it has skipped ahead and is playing the next song. I think what is happening is when the receiver is going to the next song it is sending a query to the Mezzmo server and even though the receiver has just started playing a song Mezzmo flags it has been played (even though it's only been 10 seconds) and thus the Mezzmo server suddenly returns the next least played song on the playlist. The solution may be to not update the database so quickly, as soon as the song is first queued but update it after X amount of the song has played.

Let me know if this makes sense. I am running v4.0.5